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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place where you can relax at the end of the day and just be yourself. So if it doesn’t feel like one, it’s time to make it so. Decorating your bedroom should be a fun and personal activity, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Here are some ideas for getting started.

1. Lighting
The right kind of lighting can make your bedroom feel soothing and peaceful. Some overhead light fixtures can be too bright, so consider small bedside lamps instead. A wall-mounted one next to your bed is perfect for when you want to read. Other strategically placed lamps can provide the right ambiance for your bedroom. If you really do like the idea of an overhead light, consider one that diffuses the light to make it appear softer. An elegant chandelier can be just the thing.

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2. Soft/Neutral Walls
If you plan on painting your bedroom, consider neutral tones or soothing colours for your walls. As sexy as a red bedroom can be, it’s not actually a soothing colour. Soft shades of green, blue and purple work very well in a bedroom and can promote relaxation. Otherwise, neutral tones like white and grey can be the perfect backdrop for pops of colour in other areas of your room.

3. Pillows & Bedding
Colourful throw pillows can add personality to your bedroom. The same goes with bedding. Mix up solid colours with prints for visual interest. Your comfort is key here, so make sure you have different layers of blankets on your bed. A cozy duvet is perfect for cold nights, while a light quilt can keep you comfy on those hot summer nights.

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4. Repurpose Old Pieces
Sometimes it takes a simple facelift to make a huge difference. If your bedside table is looking a little tired, why not paint it a fun colour? Or if your tables and dresser are mismatched, you can paint them all the same colour, such as white, for a sense of uniformity. Shop your house for any pieces you can use in your bedroom.

5. Get Thrifty
A trip to the thrift store can yield some unique character pieces for your bedroom. Take a look at framed works of art. Even if you don’t like the picture, the frame can be perfect for a collage of family photos. Random items can make for decorative pieces to place on your dresser and you never know what you can use for a jewelry holder.

6. Unique Storage Ideas
Space is always an issue and if you don’t have enough storage, a bedroom can get quite messy. That doesn’t really make for a relaxing environment. Incorporate wicker baskets for some items or even an old trunk if you have one. handy items for such things at a thrift store.

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7. Seating Area
More and more, seating areas are becoming popular features in many bedrooms these days. A quiet corner can be perfect for a comfy chair and book table. Or if you have a bay window, built-in seating can utilize the space perfectly. More storage can be incorporated here.

8. Window Coverings
Add a soft set of drapes to continue the sense of relaxation in your bedroom. Depending on what direction you face, you may even want to consider blackout shades to ensure a good night’s sleep. Either way, the right kind of window coverings can let in some natural light and make your bedroom seem airy and spacious.Alternatively, you can renovate your bedroom to add large windows that allow as much natural light as possible to get in.


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Written by Meagan Dieroff

Meagan Dieroff is a writer for MyReno411. The number one destination to find content on home renovations and to find contractors and renovators across Canada.

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