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Bolzan Letti’s Modern Canopy Bed: Beautiful, Modern and Detailed

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Canopy beds have always been identified with people of wealth, and in the day of their beginnings, these beds were so spectacular that they would be included in the owner’s will.

Even while canopy beds were luxurious, they were also functional, as they helped to keep warmth in. Today, canopy beds vary in style, from traditional to modern versions, made of wood, steel, or brass, among others.

Choices of curtains are varied, from damask to lace, to no curtains at all. But we found this canopy bed, which is Bolzan Letti’s Fuji canopy, to be particularly special.

The tall, tufted headboard is truly inspired with its height, bejeweled buttons, and salmon pink fabric. The similarly hued, delicate, crinkled diaphanous organza curtains on the sides add a touch of lush.

This canopy bed is contemporary in style, and becomes the focal point of the bedroom. Because of this, accessories are minimal. They consist of a globe on the floor beside the bed as a light source, a white ottoman with a white bistro table, a fluffy area rug and lots of sunlight entering from the tall windows.

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