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We believe your home is about family.

The purpose of any home is to protect and meet the needs of the family living in it, and those principles are what drive us more than anything else.

Home renovation is not just a business for us, it’s our passion. Every new job means meeting and working with a new homeowners who is trying to make the most of their living space. For us, that means exciting new ideas, challenges and relationships every time we start a new project. We’re here to help, and we love doing it.

I think the best thing about project management is all the great people you meet. There is nothing more satisfying of giving someone their dream renovation and seeing their face light up when they see the final product.
Oliver, Project Manager

Our Team

General Manager

Construction is his passion and he loves everything about it. When he went to school for Civil Engineering, he enjoyed the challenging equations and finding solutions that were not always obvious; So, when he made the move to work in residential construction, Hussain found that it really allowed him to utilize his problem solving abilities as well as his creativeness. He enjoys working closely with clients and providing them with design solutions that go hand-in-hand with their lifestyle and creating a scopes that allows them to maximize their budget. Hussain’s philosophy is that there is no greater thrill than experiencing the smiles on their faces at the end of a successful project.

Design Manager

Zaineb’s sparkling personality and positive guidance are refreshing assets for her clients and her friendly approach ensures the design process is a rewarding experience. Zaineb began as an Engineer but she wanted to be able to “colour outside the lines”. Her designs combine Middle Eastern Dubai charm with Western taste.

Architectural Technologist

Yuliya already has many fans around the world after working as a commissioned artist for many years.As an Interior Designer for VGC Yuliya now brings her artistic sense and passion to creating your dreamrenovation.

Junior Interior Designer

With a passion for discovery and cultivating human connections, her goal at VGC is to build upon our client’s inspirations, and guide them through material selection in order to accomplish their desired results. Her passion and dedication to her clients truly sets a high standard within the industry.

Project Consultant

Marianna is one of VGC's amazing Project Consultants. She has vast experience with property development and construction including site-built projects and modular construction. She also has substantial experience in Administration and Process Control, making her a star with Customer Service and reporting

Junior Interior Designer
Project Director
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Why choose us?

Your One-Stop Shop.

You don’t need to make dozens of calls when trying to find the home renovation assistance you need. Vancouver General Contractors is a one-stop shop for all the changes you want to make to your home. No matter what the job is, we will produce extraordinary designs and assemble a team that can put it together with unmatched quality.

Our expert team handles renovations at even the largest scale: Building a custom home from the ground-up! Of course, we’re available for smaller jobs like renovations, remodels, home additions and major home repairs. So call us today if you need an extra room or a custom home. No matter your need, we will create the designs you desire and turn it into a reality.

The Experienced Team for Every Stage

When you call Vancouver General Contractors, you’re calling the best in the industry and you will enjoy the finest expertise. It starts with our design and management team. This core of our company has more than 30 years of combined experience crafting and drafting all kinds of homes and renovations. You’ll get to work directly with the best Vancouver has to offer when designing the work you need, and they’ll even show you how everything will look before we start building, utilizing our 3D rendering software.

That expertise doesn’t end with the planning, either. When we assemble our team to build your home, we’re choosing the best builders and specialists in their fields to cover each part of the building process. It’s also part of our services to handle all the city permits required for your project.

The Affordable Team

Our amazing renovations are also competitively priced. There are so many things you can do with your home as part of a renovation, and some of the fixes might be a lot less expensive than you might assume. There are so many options, and we can help direct you to the ones that are the friendliest for your budget. We aren’t going to pressure you to go for the premium options when they don’t fit your needs.

Industry-Leading Warranties

A 2-year warranty applies to all of our home renovations in Vancouver. We take the quality of our work very seriously, and we don’t ever expect to be called back for problems. If there are any however, this warranty covers just about everything that could possibly go wrong. We want to hear from you immediately if you ever have a problem, because, as always, your satisfaction is our utmost priority.