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Whether you’re looking for a family home that will last for generations, a vacation getaway or something to fit a special lot—you’ve come to the right place. Our team is one of the most experienced when it comes to building custom homes in Vancouver, and we handle everything that goes into building a home that will stand the test of time.

Our talented team will guide you through the design, planning and construction phase of your custom home. We’ll help you figure out what you want from your ideas, turn those ideas into actionable blueprints and we’ll even push through all the necessary permits and paperwork. If you’re ready to start designing your custom home today, give our team a call. We’d love to start building your dream home with you.

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Premium Custom Homes in Vancouver

“Custom” means every decision is left to you, within city building ordinances, of course. We want your home to be something special, something that you can truly call your own, and we’ll help you every step of the way. Whether you’re working off a strong vision or just a few loose ideas, we can help you bring them together and turn your plans into a the perfect custom home in Vancouver.

We’ve been working in Vancouver for quite a while now, and in that time, we’ve helped different families build radically different homes, including both modern and classic-style homes built using a variety of different materials. Thanks to decades of experience, our team can pull off even your most creative visions for your home. Call today to find out how Vancouver General Contractors can help.

Take Advantage of Our Design Centre…

Our design centre makes it simple for you to get an idea for everything you want from your home. Take a trip to our design centre, and you can find, view and touch all sorts of samples for finishes that you might want in your home. You’ll be able to find everything from carpet and flooring samples to constructed cabinet models and fixtures. It gives you a chance to preview everything and know exactly how it will look in your home.

And See Your Home Before You Build!

Another feature we offer is 3D renders created by our professional designers. This is a great feature if you want to know how your home will look from all angles before we begin building. We can also use our renders to showcase what the inside of your home will look like. Your render will include all details and textures we can produce, and our program can mimic the look of most materials.