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Are you ready for the second edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Pugly? In this month’s post, we’re putting our focus on what is probably the most important room in your home: your bedroom. Few people realize just how necessary good bedroom design is, not just for the beauty of your home, but for your overall well being. When you’ve got a nice and cozy bedroom to rest in, you have the perfect place to rejuvenate your body and replenish your energy. If your decor gets in the way of that, you can end up a tired mess. Check out our examples of great do’s and don’ts for a restful bedroom environment below.


The Good

balanced bedroom

One of the top rules for good bedroom design is cleanliness and organization. A clutter-free bedroom is a peaceful place where you can truly relax. After all, how can you possibly de-stress when you’ve got a pile of laundry staring you in the face and other heaps of things that need tending to? The bedroom above is pristine yet comfy. Everything is in its proper place, creating an invitation for cuddling and lounging. Just looking at the photo is enough to make you feel at ease.  This bedroom is one of many beautiful examples in a list from Huffington Post: 10 Serene Bedrooms


The Bad



Holy bookshelves! While this is just a display for Ikea’s furniture catalog, it’s a common sight in homes everywhere. People tend to clutter up their sleeping area with hoards of books, knick knacks, or even worse – materials from the office. It appears many didn’t get the memo: the bedroom is for rest, not work! A book on the nightstand is no problem, but piling them everywhere makes the bedroom feel more like a research zone than a place for sleep. It’s too stimulating, and actually signals to your body that you should be in “work mode”.


The Pugly


Of course, you could always just bring home one of these little guys. Then your home would be infinitely cute no matter what!

Be sure to tell us what you think of our examples. Are you looking for some help in decluttering your bedroom and making it a lovely resting space? Contact us to get the advice of our interior design team!



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