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‘HECTO’ Laser TV Provides Home Cinema Experience

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Large screen TVs may have to give way to the ‘HECTO’ Laser TV, a compact device that is just 5.7 inches high, but can project a 100 inch screen at your area of choice by positioning it just 22 inches away. Now you can have a cinema experience whether in an office boardroom or at home. Added to the large screen is a digital tuner with built-in speakers that permit surround sound. The ‘HECTO’ blends the capabilities of both Smart TV and Digital TV. It has a Full HD 1080op resolution and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, guaranteeing dynamic, vivid and clear images. You can also connect it to other devices to access content like Netflix, YouTube, or anything in your laptop. Even your personal content can be streamlined and accessed by a customized dashboard. Get the details on LG ‘HECTO’ here.

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Written by Hussain Khatheer

He enjoys working closely with clients and providing them with design options that go hand-in-hand with their lifestyle and creating a scopes that allows them to maximize their budget. Hussain’s philosophy is that there is no greater thrill than experiencing the smiles on their faces at the end of a successful project.

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