Planning and Construction of Home Expansions


Sometimes, all it takes to add a whole new level of appeal to your home is a little extra space. More space means more room for interesting design choices. Our home addition services include everything from extra square footage to rooms and even home-adjoining structures.

Because our team has decades of experience working on all types of homes, we can work safely with the structure of your house while maintaining the strength of the frame. We can construct additions of any size, and match the style and look that’s already there. When we’re finished, your home will look better than ever before.

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Home Expansion Services in Vancouver

What you need from your home can change dramatically over the years. Even a home that was perfect when you bought it can become an inadequate one when your lifestyle or the size of your family changes. A lack of space can be a real source of tension in the household, and you may be surprised by how much better your home will feel when that tension is finally relieved by more room and privacy. We’re here to help when you’re ready.

Remember that we work on all kinds of home additions, so Increasing the size of your living room or kitchen is no challenge at all for our team. We can add features like balconies and extra stories, or even construct in-law suites.

It doesn’t matter what sort of home addition you need. Our design team has more than 30 years of experience assembling the best home addition plans. When you’re ready to build, we’ll put together a team of experts to handle every part of the build from the carpentry to the electrical work.

We pride ourselves on excellent work, but if you like the peace-of-mind of protection, you’ll be glad to hear that all of our work is guaranteed with powerful and long lasting warranties. We have complete confidence that our work will stand the test of time, and look fantastic for years to come.

Add Value to Your Homes

There are few better investments you can into your home than a home addition. A higher property and resale value is almost guaranteed when you fit your home with an extra bedroom, bathroom or entertaining space—especially when the work is of the highest quality. The more accommodations that are available when your home hits the market, the better your chances are for listing it above the original purchase price.

Built around Your Needs

A home addition is not a job for a do-it-yourself project. Even when the work is performed in a way that’s safe for framing, keeping the look of house consistent takes more planning and design than most contracting jobs. We care a lot about making each addition complement the home it’s attached to. Whether it’s for your current or future plans, your addition will match your needs.