In-Law Suites


Multi-generational homes are becoming more and more popular, but the living arrangements involved can present stress and complications for any family. In order to make these living situations work, it’s best for every family member to have plenty of space for privacy and independence. We can help your family acquire this through our in-law suite construction services. Our team can build cozy in-law suites that give everyone in your home the comfort they need.

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Vancouver In-Law Suite Additions

Inviting your extended family member to share your home should be something that is exciting. By being a part of the same household, you and your relative will have wonderful opportunities for closeness and quality time. But not being prepared can lead to undue stress and complications. Your home should be able to comfortably accommodate both your family and the relative who is moving in. That’s where our in-law suite addition services come in. We can make your house into a fully outfitted, multi-generational family home by constructing welcoming in-law suites that attend to your relative’s every need.

One of the most important factors in this type of living situation is privacy. Your family and your newly moved-in relative should have all of the space you need to enjoy quiet time on your own. Without this “personal sanctuary”, everyone can be left with feelings of intrusion and discomfort. We work with you to determine the privacy needs of you and your relative, as well as their other needs. Our team can build a suite that is set apart from your home’s main structure, or fully integrated. We can install full bathrooms, kitchens, storage spaces, and more as a part of the in-law suite as well.

Family comes first.

Do you have an ill or elderly family member who is having a hard time living on their own? By adding an in-law suite to your home, you can take them under your wing while offering them all of the comfort and care they deserve. We can build in-law suites with a full host of amenities, including accommodations for wheelchair access, railings, intercoms, monitors, and medical machinery and supplies. Your loved one will have a safe environment that meets their every need.

Custom made solutions.

When building an in-law suite, one of the most important steps in the process is determining where it will be placed. Will it be integrated into the existing bedroom areas of your home, built above the garage, or even constructed as a free-standing building on another part of the property? Our expert in-law suite contractors will help you find the best fit for your home and family.