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For interior design in Vancouver, call in the experts at Vancouver General Contractors. Have you ever dreamed of having a home that perfectly matches your needs for function and style? With just a few affordable renovations, we can make your interior design look the way you’ve always dreamed and knew it could. If you’re building a new home, we can help you develop the perfect design before you start building.

Our services are available for your whole house and every room within it. Talk to us about the gorgeous options that are available for your bathroom, kitchen, basement and other rooms. Finding out what we can do for you is as easy as calling to schedule a visit from one of our expert designers.

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Interior Design Comes with Unlimited Options

Whatever you want from your interior design, you can trust that our team is able to handle it. Both our designers and our builders are extremely experienced, so you can trust them to both capture the essence of your vision and to make it come to lift in your home. There are almost unlimited ways to change and improve your home’s interior, including some of the popular requests, below.

A new floorplan is an effective way to completely change the look of your home’s interior. By changing the sizes and placement of rooms around your house, you can create options for yourself that never existed before. Creating a new floorplan may not even take as long or be as expensive as you might imagine. Our team can create attractive, practical and functional new floorplans for limited budgets and difficult home architecture.

Switch out Materials and Textures

You don’t have to completely remake your interior to remake the look. One of the most affordable ways to change your home design is to switch out the materials and textures. If you have carpet, maybe it’s time to consider hardwood? You can also try switching out wallpapers, tiles and other flooring for new colors, styles and shapes. We can show you how the various options will look before you build with our helpful 3D renders.

Make Large Appliances Match

When it comes to designs for bathrooms and kitchens, the large appliances and fixtures need to match for the right look to be possible. That’s not a problem for our team. We can help you find everything you need to pull off the perfect design for your home’s interior. You may find a lot of the examples you need at our well-stocked design centre.  

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