How to Make Your Home a Happy Place

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Home is happiness, always. Or at least it should be, and if you don’t feel this way toward your home, then it’s probably time to do something about it. If you think this means you will need to start some big renovation projects, fear not! Your house can become a happy, inviting home while undertaking just a couple of smaller projects.

You can let the renovation experts take care of the tasks or you can put your own skills to work – no matter which path you choose, these 5 renovation ideas are guaranteed to make your Vancouver home a cheerful one.

All pictures come from Vancouver houses for sale are courtesy of real estate website Point2Homes.

1. Give your entry hall some tender loving and care

First things first. It’s true your house’s first impression is made by its curb appeal, but the first room you walk into when you enter a house is as important for getting the feeling you’ve arrived home. And that first room would be the entry hall, which too many times is neglected. You don’t really live inside that room, it’s true, but a boring hallway will probably make a “Good Bye” statement instead of saying “Welcome.”

The gleaming white tiles of this entry hall at 2817 Oliver Cr. in Arbutus Ridge create a nice, inviting light effect, contrasting with the two darker pieces of furniture. You can even play a bit with the colours by adding some flowers or other personal touches.

front hall renovation

2. Create contrasts

When it comes to relationships, they say opposites attract. Is this true about contrasting colours in a home? Let’s take a look at the examples below:

This home office at 969 Richards St. in Downtown Vancouver looks stylish enough to prove that you can definitely put black office furniture against cream-coloured walls and a flooring in a softer shade. Just make sure you try this combination in a room where there’s enough light.

home office renovation


We all know white has never fallen out of fashion which may be the main reason why so many people are coming back to it regarding their living room furniture. How about pairing your white sofa with a new black floor and coffee table, as tried by the owners of this house at 1870 Sasamat Street in West Point Grey?


living room renovation


3. Mix up pieces of furniture and cultures

Contrary to what some may think, breaking up the symmetry and mixing up the styles in your home can create an unexpectedly cheerful atmosphere.

What do you think about this house at 451 East 47th Ave. in Sunset? The living room matches a traditional woollen Eastern European carpet with Asian lamps and mixes an English sofa with patio armchairs.

family room renovation


4. Create unique small spaces in your house

We all like to run away from things or other people from time to time. The great thing about a home is that it allows you to hide in your favourite corner (or room, if space allows it) and escape from life’s problems. A reading room, a corner or a special seat next to a window for sipping your tea in the evening can give you the quiet down-time you long for, just when you need it.


master bedroom and ensuite renovation


home addition renovation


5. Surround yourself with the colours you love

Is pink your favourite colour? You don’t have to paint all the walls in bright shades of pink to declare yourself happy. Making just one wall in your bedroom your “favourite pink wall” can create a warm effect without being too much. Add a pink lamp, if you like but keep the rest of the furniture simple and in neutral colours, like in this beautiful home at 3222 W 29th Ave, in Dunbar Southlands.

guest bedroom renovation


What aspects of your house make you the happiest? Let us know below!





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