North Vancouver’s award winning general contractor and home renovation construction company

home-renovations North Vancouver's award winning general contractor and home renovation construction company

Vancouver General Contractors is the team to call for all of your home renovation needs in North Vancouver. There are many ways to make your home stand out among the stunning natural beauty here. There are also plenty of ways to take advantage of modern design and technology to make your home more comfortable than you ever imagined possible.

We offer many different services to match your needs, and you can find out more about them below:

Learn More about Our Renovation Services

Call us to ask about any kind of home improvement project in North Vancouver! Our construction company is frequently called in to handle…

Bathroom Renovations

We’ve handled some of the most beautiful bathroom renovations in North Vancouver. From your fixtures to tiles, we know how to make every element work perfectly together.

Basement Renovations

Our basement renovators in North Vancouver have converted basements into everything from living spaces to studios. Call today to find out how your downstairs spaces could be serving you better.

Kitchen Renovations

Call our team for kitchen remodels in North Vancouver. No project is too big for us to handle, and we’ll handle everything from the tile and cabinets to appliances and port expansion.

Major Repairs

Major home repairs in North Vancouver are no challenge for our team. Put our expertise to work when restoring the original look of your home, removing water damage or making it even better than it was before.

And Other Home Transformations!

renovation-services North Vancouver's award winning general contractor and home renovation construction company

Custom Homes

Get the home you’ve always wanted when you call VGC. We design and build high-quality, completely-custom homes around your needs.You’ll never have to worry about being unhappy with the final look, because we give you real-life quality 3D renders of each room of the house. Using these images, you can understand exactly how your final home will look when our North Vancouver home builders are done with it.

Home Design

Our excellent building crews can build off of any design plans, but you don’t have to build right away. You can take advantage of our design services to get an affordable idea of what you want from your home.Throughout the design until the final plans, we’ll show you 3D renders of your different ideas so you’ll know how your home will look if you decide to put our designs into action.

Condo Renovations

Call us about your condo renovation needs. Many contracting teams have trouble working with condos due to the web of regulations and community rules, but our team embraces the challenge.We’ll work directly with your condo board to plan upgrades that keep you safely within community rules and standards.

Infill Homes

Call us about infill homes and any plans you might have for converting structures into living spaces. You might be surprised at how comfortable and cozy offices and industrial building can be when we’ve transformed them.Renovations of this type can involve a lot of bureaucracy, but we’ll handle all of that for you. We arrange permits and work with city officials throughout the build.

Laneway Homes

If you’re looking for something smaller, our team can help. Roomy homes can be built in very small lots, and modern features can make them very efficient and comfortable.Building homes on lots with houses already present can create some bureaucratic challenges, but we handle all of that for you.

Home Additions

Call us when you need more room in your home. Whether you’re looking for more storage, living space or anything else, we’ll provide you with the right home addition plans.Our experienced crew knows how to modify your home without any risk to the integrity of the structure. Our designers can also plan an addition that perfectly matches the current look of your home.

The Things that Set Our North Vancouver Contractors Apart

home-transformations North Vancouver's award winning general contractor and home renovation construction company

A Team with Real Experience

Our design and build team has more than 30 years of combined experience managing construction projects. We maintain a large local network of the best specialists we need for every build. Every part of the build is completed by a seasoned professional.

The Finest Crews

Once our design team has finalized your designs, they’ll manage the build by taking advantage of the best builders in the area. Only the most experienced and skilled tradespeople are chosen to be on our crews.

Community Coordination

Our North Vancouver construction company goes beyond building. We handle every part of the project, and that includes working directly with inspectors, city officials, permits, condo associations and anyone else who might be important to your build.

Iron-Clad Warranties

The work we do won’t just be great, it will be protected for years to come by our great warranties. Ask about our warranties that are available for your project.

Talk to Our North Vancouver Contracting Pros Today

We want to hear from you whether you’re ready to build or just making plans. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.