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We provide various renovation services that supports all levels of project delivery, working from concept to completion to make your vision a reality.

Drawing on our vast knowledge of general contracting and construction management, we deliver a premier experience of renovation that brings your dream to reality.

See Before You Build

Building a home is no small task, so it’s not unusual to feel a bit of hesitation before taking the plunge into construction. Touring model homes is a great way to get a preview of what your new home will look like once it’s built, but what if you’re basing your construction off a completely unique floor plan? That’s where our 3D rendering service comes in. Through our professional 3D renders, you will be able to see a realistic digital representation of your future home before you dive into construction. This option is perfect for developing your home’s outer style and planning for its smooth integration into your yard and the surrounding property. Landscaping, surface textures, materials, lighting and other design elements all incorporated in both our exterior and interior renders. Our digital architects are standing by, ready to create a lifelike virtual rendering for you today.

Work we are Proud of

We have built, design and renovated numerous projects offering an unmatched level of sophistication, innovation, and design. Our portfolio across the greater Vancouver area and lower mainland area will help you visualize the possibilities of your space and allow you to fulfill your dream renovation.

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