Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to hang loose and enjoy the beautiful weather. That means updating your home style to be as free and relaxing as the fresh spring breezes. There’s no better way to do that than by adopting a lovely bohemian look. Characterized by lush textiles, exotic motifs, unique patterns, and an intrinsic artsiness, bohemian style is perfect for giving your home a free-spirited atmosphere. Check out our Pinterest picks below to see some great examples of this laid back theme.

1. This pin perfectly shows how modern design can be given a bohemian flare. White brick walls and a white mattress on the floor are contrasted by a medley of patterned pillows. The slightly raised platform at the edge makes the perfect place for setting tea and candles. What a cool alternative to the typical couch and coffee table living room setup! This could even work well for a bedroom.

2. Bohemian style is all about taking the time to relax and just be, so it’s no wonder that tranquil lounges like the one above are a common sight in bohemian homes. Recreate this luxe outdoor retreat by hanging curtains around an area that has plenty of plants and shade. At the center, place a chaise lounge or small bed with plenty of rich textiles.

3. Kitchens and dining rooms are already seen as some of the most inviting areas of the home, but bohemian design takes that to a whole new level. This quaint kitchen is so cozy and pleasant, it’d be hard to leave! An eclectic collection of pottery sits on the shelves, while multiple eastern carpets add warmth and comfort. The key to this look is imperfection: a laid back combination of lovely patterns and textures creates beauty without stuffiness.

4. Dine like a bohemian globetrotter by turning your backyard into a chic and exotic outdoor dining area. Hang a few brightly colored sheets overhead for the dreamy feel of a caravan tent, and place oriental rugs on the ground for richness and cultural flare. Add a patterned table cloth, seats with vivid upholstery, and fresh flowers to complete the look.

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