New Westminster, BC
This penthouse suite is an exclusive 2 level private luxury home in the sky. It has an incredible million-dollar view of the Fraser river, mountains, skyline and the city. The existing condo with closed-in spaces, and faded colours contributed to blocking the upscale views. One of the challenges which we overcame was to get the materials up to the top floor and to do the labour. The walls were knocked down and glass doors were installed to make the space more airy, bright and of course to not miss the incredible view. The open layout concept combined the living area, dining area and the kitchen into a large multi-functional space for entertaining and family gatherings.It is outfitted with white and wooden Hoosier cabinets with silver handles, white, plain countertops to accent and contrast the design. New appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures added to the high-end look of the suite. Energy-efficient LED spotlights were installed throughout the suite to compliment the theme. The master bedroom was redesigned indulging an open ensuite. The wall that separated both spaces was knocked off and beams were installed to create the open space.

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