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Why invest in Canada?

Vancouver General Contractors has always had a deep proud found respect for Canada’s cultural diversity. We are a national company with offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary & Vancouver with strong roots within each community.

We are universally recognized as a diverse resolute country of admirable character, respected global peacekeeper and rich in assets... from our bountiful resources to our big thinkers. Our nation is a healthy democracy with an energetic citizenship that holds fast and true to the open secret that Canada is the best place on earth to live. Our vast 10 million square kilometers, girded by three oceans and one of the most powerful nations on Earth is populated by a mere 32 million people and many of them newcomers looking to establish themselves in this wonderful land.

The Chinese community in Canada is the one of the largest overseas Chinese communities and have had a very important role of the development of Canada.

At Vancouver General Contractors we have created a strong support system to help the Chinese community thrive by developing beautiful properties across Greater Vancouver Area and building strong relationships.


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