Richmond’s best home renovation and construction company

home-renovations Richmond's best home renovation and construction company

Our Richmond home renovators are here to serve you! From home improvements to new home construction, we offer you the opportunity to live in the house you’ve always wanted. Call today for a friendly talk about what we can do for you. We’ll answer all of your questions about our extensive services, including:

Our Richmond construction company can give you the help you need…

If your home needs a new look, we can help. Ask us about any of these renovations and more…

Bathroom Renovations

Our Richmond bathroom renovations are built to impress! We’ll redesign the look of your tiles, countertops, mirrors, lights, fixtures or even windows. Your imagination is the limit when you call our professionals.

Basement Renovations

We handle a variety of basement renovations in Richmond. Basements can be converted into studios, dens, suites and many other great additions to your home. Call for a no-obligation discussion of your plans.

Kitchen Renovations

We can handle any scale of kitchen renovation in Richmond. If you don’t have plans, our designers can take you through all of the most popular modern options. We even include 3D renders so you can see what the work will look like before we start building.

Major Repairs

We handle major home repairs in Richmond when disaster strikes. Any evidence of storm damage, water damage, smoke damage and other major problems can be erased from your home with the proper plans, and we can develop designs that restore your home or even improve on it.

Home Building and Home Expansions in Richmond!

home-transformations Richmond's best home renovation and construction company

Custom Homes

Our Richmond home builders have the expertise to design and build the home of your dreams. We can work through all of your ideas with you, with 3D renders that will show you how our final product, and your home, will appear.

Home Design

Our Richmond home designers are ready to help you. Our experienced design team can help you turn ideas into plans or modify your plans to comply with local zoning laws and other necessary requirements.

As part of the process, we’ll provide 3D renders that allow you to see your ideas visually.

Condo Renovations

Choose us to handle your condo renovations in Richmond. Not only do we renovate condos beautifully, we also deal with your condo board and all the regulating parties involved in the build. All you need to do is pick the designs and watch us transform your condo.

Infill Homes

We can create luxurious living spaces out of buildings designed for other uses. Our team can handle the large jobs, including multi-unit plans.

Our assistance includes working with city officials to handle all necessary permits and paperwork.

Laneway Homes

We can build laneway homes and other structures that need to take advantage of small lots or spaces near other homes. We also work with the city to make sure all the proper paperwork is in order for your build.

Home Additions

We handle all kinds of home additions in Richmond. From adding rooms to adding stories, our team has the expertise to construct your plans. Your home is safe in our hands. We know how to make your plans work without endangering the structure of your home.

The Things that Set Our Richmond Contractors Apart

renovation-services Richmond's best home renovation and construction company

An Experienced Team

Our team has been designing and building homes for a combined 30 years. Each job presents new challenges, but our team powers through them, and as a result, has produced amazing solutions for homeowners just like you. More space? More natural light? Independent suites? We’re ready to help.

The Best Crews

The crews we assemble to renovate or build your home will be chosen from the best available in the city. Strict hiring practices and building standards mean only the best are working on your home, and we manage each and every part of the building process.

We Handle the Red Tape

Rest assured that when you hire us for your renovation, we will submit all the necessary permits and paperwork to the city officials on your behalf so your home remains intact with the British Columbia building codes. We know what needs to be filed and how to keep things moving forward every step of the way. We also work with condo associations.

Powerful Warranties

Our work is built to last, but we want our customers to have peace of mind. That’s why we offer excellent warranties for all of our services.

Talk to Our Richmond Contracting Pros Today

Let’s talk about your project today! No matter what stage of planning you’re in, we can help you fill in the pieces and make it into a reality. Call right now if you have questions about a project you’re planning. We can tell you how we can help with no obligations.