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Technology in the Home

By July 8, 2014 No Comments

Written by Hussain Khatheer

Love it or hate it, technology continues to progress into a category of its own, in our basic needs pyramid. While there was a time when the technologies were simply too expensive and out of reach for the general population, these same devices are becoming increasingly more intuitive and economical; all the while, presenting us with feasible options to add simplicity and safety to our lives and homes.
smart home


smart smoke detector

Home systems do have a wide-range that scale between $2000 to $1million with choices from remote-controlled lighting, swimming pools, security cameras, window shades – and this is only the tip of the iceberg. We now have companies like Nest Lab (originally owned by Apple engineers Mr. Fadell and Mr. Rogers and recently bought by Google) creating a “smart” thermostat; using WiFi and sophisticated software that learns to adjust settings, based on usage patterns. The draw? Well, besides incorporating a sleek design with an ipod interface, the device actually cuts energy usage by about 20%. They’ve also developed a “smart” smoke and CO detector.  This device also connects to the home’s wireless network (allowing for interaction with the homeowner through its smart pone app); and shares a private network, with other Nest products in the same residence. ipad monitoring system

There are some clear advantages to the technologies mentioned above; but the iceberg is much, much larger. Besides some basic home appliances that we already use such as thermostats and smoke detectors, we now have the ability to control every aspect of our homes remotely. On vacation? No problem, you can actually control all the switches in your home from your trusty iPad – or even answer the door for that matter.

We are a society that loves our gadgets and the luxuries they give us. We also love having the data that these devices provide us – with home appliances generating a load of this data, we were bound to bite.  Smartphones have propelled our need to have hand-held technology, which we can use to control our lives. The question really isn’t will or won’t you include technology in your home, the question, is how far to go.

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