If you are thinking of moving to Vancouver and want to live in one of the more luxurious areas, then the good news is you have a lot of choice available. Vancouver is an affluent, fun and thriving place to live, and there are neighborhoods to suit everyone.

Here is a quick overview of some of the most expensive and glamorous areas in Vancouver:

1 – Dollarton

Dollarton is a stunning neighborhood with some lovely waterfront view properties. If you’re after a prestigious address, then Beachview Drive should be at the top of your list.

2 – Highlands

Highlands is a luxurious location not far from Edgemont Village. This convenient neighborhood is a great choice for families, and Aurora Road is an example of some of the spacious and comfortable properties in the area.

3 – Capilano

Near the suspension bridge and Edgemont, Capilano is a commuter’s dream. The highway access makes it easy to get around, and the lovely European-designed architecture on Aintree Drive has a clear charm to it.

4 – Carisbrooke

Carisbrooke is a prestigious location with some incredible new developments. If you’re looking for a trophy home with all the latest technology, then take a look at the Belle of Braemar, a family home with all the best smarthome features.

5 – Canyon Heights

This mountain area is conveniently located close to downtown, but offering views out over the ocean. It’s the perfect compromise between tranquility and convenience. Ranger Avenue offers some well-appointed luxury homes in the area.

6 – Norwood Queens

Norwood Queens is a great location for shopping and recreation, even featuring a convenient ski hill. The luxury homes on Norwood Avenue are spacious and comfortable and ideal for those looking for a nice step up the property ladder.

7 – Delbrook

Delbrook is a great compromise for those who are looking for an ocean view but who want to enjoy all the convenience of the city. Hermosa Avenue offers panoramic views of the water, and a nice city location.

8 – Handsworth

For those who prefer to get away from it all, Handsworth is a great mountain neighborhood. Langdale Drive is a hugely desirable area for holiday homes, or those who just want a more prestigious address in an area full of exciting leisure opportunities.

9 – Upper Lynn

If you want a large and spacious property on a lot that gives you plenty of privacy, turn to Upper Lyn. The houses on Underwood Avenue are ideal for bigger families that want a nice mansion feel.

10 – Moodyville

Nature loves will enjoy Moodyville, with 2ND Street offering easy access to both the Moodyville Park and Spirit trails. The classic architecture and rustic feel is something you would not find elsewhere.

11 – Braemar

This area is popular with well-off families that are looking for a good school to send their kids to. Citadel Court is located within the catchment area of Argyle secondary school.

12 – Lynn Canyon

If you want a compromise between classic architecture, access to nature in the form of Lynn Canyon Park, and also easy access to great shops at the mall, then Lynn Canyon is a good choice. Peters Road has it all.

13 – Grand Boulevard

Close to downtown, with stunning views and a sundrenched lot, 11Th Street in Grand Boulevard is a desirable address with something to offer to any family.

14 – Keith Lynn

Perfect for golf lovers, Keith Lynn is a tranquil neighborhood with a golf course, shops and other handy amenities nearby. The houses on Drayton Street are convenient for families of any size.

15 – McCartney Woods

For something a little bit different, look to McCartney Woods. The homes in Orkney Place are luxurious and comfortable, and have lush, green views. It’s a quiet, peaceful neighborhood with a golf course, ski hill, and more to enjoy.

16 – Westview

There are some incredible newly built luxury homes around WestView that are stunning to look at from the outside and incredibly comfortable and well appointed inside too.

17 – Cleveland

This child-friendly neighborhood has some quiet cul de sacs, including Redonda Drive with spacious luxury homes that have a lovely modern feel.

18 – Blue Ridge

The scenery in Blue Ridge has to be seen to be believed. This sleepy, beautiful nature spot is a wonderful place for a family that wants to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown. Berkley Avenue features some quaint and desirable custom built homes.

19 – Cove Cliff

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and greenery, Cove Cliff is the kind of place you will love to return home to after a long day. Harris Avenue features some great homes with spa-like amenities making a wonderful finishing touch.

20 – Seymour Heights

Trillium Place is a child friendly spot in Seymour Heights with some great luxurious homes that were built in the 70’s but still hold their charm and luxury today.


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