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Drafting your dreams into reality

The first step in creating your dream home is deciding upon the ideal floor plan. We can help you through this crucial beginning phase with our floor plan drafting services. Our experts know just what factors to consider when helping you decide upon the best floor plan. We will account for your budget, lifestyle, preferences, and the number of people living in your home, ensuring that you get a personally-tailored floor plan that meets all of your needs.

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The key part of designing your own home is creating a custom floor plan. Rather than settling for the layouts of pre-built houses, constructing one based on your own floor plan gives your family the opportunity to have a fully personalized home. Our floor planning service allows you to realize the vision of your dream home through the skills of our professional contractors. We will guide you through each step, helping you determine key elements to be accounted for in your floor planning.

Architectural expertise isn’t necessary to create an official floorplan. You can lay down your home design ideas in a professional format by enlisting our floor planning services. Our team is highly experienced with drafting and consulting for floor plans of all types. We will use our knowledge to help you develop industry-standard floor plans that your construction crew can base their work upon without a problem.

See before you build

Building a home is no small task, so it’s not unusual to feel a bit of hesitation before taking the plunge into construction. Touring model homes is a great way to get a preview of what your new home will look like once it’s built, but what if you’re basing your construction off a completely unique floor plan? That’s where our 3D rendering service comes in. Through our professional 3D renders, you will be able to see a realistic digital representation of your future home before you dive into construction. This option is perfect for developing your home’s outer style and planning for its smooth integration into your yard and the surrounding property. Landscaping, surface textures, materials, lighting and other design elements all incorporated in both our exterior and interior renders. Our digital architects are standing by, ready to create a lifelike virtual rendering for you today.

Switch out Materials and Textures

You don’t have to completely remake your interior to remake the look. One of the most affordable ways to change your home design is to switch out the materials and textures. If you have carpet, maybe it’s time to consider hardwood? You can also try switching out wallpaper, tiles and other flooring for new colours, styles and shapes. We can show you how the various options will look before you build with our helpful 3D renders.

Make Large Appliances Match

When it comes to designs for bathrooms and kitchens, the large appliances and fixtures need to match for the right look to be possible. That’s not a problem for our team. We can help you find everything you need to pull off the perfect design for your home’s interior. You may find a lot of the examples you need at our well-stocked design centre.

The best rooms also have something to say about that person who lives in there.

The Process

We simplify your home renovations in just 3 steps


Based on your renovation ideas and budget, we’ll create a concept design and a 3D render of your future home. you’ll also get a detailed quote for your project.


With the assistance of our Interiors Designers, let’s select the materials that will complete your desired aesthetic as well as a timeline. We’ll handle all permit applications and documentation.


Just sit back, relax, and see our experts bring your dream vision to life through our Online Monitoring Platform. Our project manager will update you every step of the way.

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Planning a renovation?

Get a free no-obligation quote for your renovation in seconds.

Planning a renovation?

Get a free no-obligation quote for your renovation in seconds.