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Whites and Woods: Beautiful Neutrals

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So you’re looking for a home style that’s simple and timeless…something that will make you and guests feel comfortable and refreshed. Achieving such a look is easier than you think. All you have to do is rely on a trusted foundation of whites and woods. These beautiful neutrals have a way of balancing each other out: white provides crispness, freshness, and cleanliness, while woods of any type add earthy charm, texture, and warmth. In this post, we’re showing some of our favorite examples of rooms that have pulled off this theme perfectly.

whitesandwoods2 Whites and Woods: Beautiful Neutrals

My Paradissi

The living room shown above is quite minimalistic, but in no way sterile or cold. White walls, floors, and seating provides a no-fuss backdrop for a rustic, reclaimed wood table and wooden vases. Since the table is thick and bulky, it needs the lightness of the white background to feel balanced in the space.

whitesandwoods1 Whites and Woods: Beautiful Neutrals

My Paradissi

Another part of the living room shown above, this corner uses the same principles of balance. Two polygonal wood coffee tables with oversized pottery, and heavy hanging lamps are set against a background of white walls and seating. A bit of extra warmth is introduced by an exotic rug and a pair of patterned pillows.

whitesandwoods3 Whites and Woods: Beautiful Neutrals


It can be hard to achieve an ever-clean look in a kitchen, but it’s a breeze when you use whites and woods. Butcher’s block countertops along with wood bowls and cutting boards add all the rustic charm of a country kitchen, while white dishes, shelves, walls, and tiles make the small area look pristine. Note that if this kitchen had colored walls and multi-colored dishes, it would easily look cluttered with the same arrangement.

whitesandwoods4 Whites and Woods: Beautiful Neutrals

The Ballet Russes etc

Even dark, worn, antique wood can be made to look modern and clean when you put it against white. In the image above, an old wood shelving unit with a number of vintage items has been painted white on the outside for an updated appearance. White walls, flooring, and a white desk make the surrounding space feel neat and tidy, even with the multitude of antique items around.
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Written by Amanda

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