Vancouver, BC
Located in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Vancouver, this condo renovation, is nothing ordinary. From the gorgeous views to an extremely custom bathroom, this condo was designed and built for a rockstar. The original idea of this renovation was to create an open space concept. This was achieved by knocking down walls and removing doors. The original kitchen consisted of an enclosed tight space, which severely reduced the brightness and the openness of the space. We had to remove a few walls, added in custom counter-tops and immediately space opened up. We also added a barn door concept to one of the bedrooms. With all of these customizations, the condo immediately felt at least two times larger! We also wanted to create something custom for the bathroom. Our client wanted to have custom LED lights in the shower as well as custom placed shower-heads. The high-pressure heads that you see in the pictures are actually custom fitted to our client. They can be turned on and massage the certain areas specified by our client!
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