Infill & Laneway Homes


Our team takes the difficulty out of planning, renovating and creating new living space in dense areas. Limited space in Vancouver has led to an explosion in demand for efficient housing, and we can help you meet that demand with a full set of services that take you from the first design drafts all the way to construction.

Our team can assist you with any type of infill or laneway project in Vancouver, including urban infill, suburban infill, reclaiming commercial buildings for residential units or laneway homes.

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Laneway Home Construction Services

We bring value, beauty, and options to urban neighborhoods through the construction of infill homes. We can help you capitalize on the available space within urban centers and develop quality properties that offer value to the community. We manage the normal cost challenges of building infill homes through smart project management.

Our experience with infill home projects helps us understand exactly how to work within the unique limitations of this type of development. Our team has pioneered inventive solutions for constructing within confined spaces without disturbing surrounding structures. This is absolutely necessary in any infill project.

Through the development of infill homes, we help you bring new housing options that are consistent with modern goals. We help you create a space within a neighborhood that is more complete and compact, thus more walkable, bicycle-friendly, and generally sustainable. We apply skills in design to build beautiful infill homes that match in style with the surrounding buildings of their location.

Though infill homes are often built to offer residents affordable housing solutions, the cost of building can actually be quite high. Urban lots and infill development permits grow more and more expensive, leaving less to be spent on the homes themselves. Our crew solves this problem by creating cost-effective, adaptive construction techniques. Our affordable solutions make the creation of these highly in-demand homes easier on your budget.

We provide affordable and space-saving solutions for densely populated regions through our laneway home construction services. These new Vancouver home types can present a variety of issues throughout the process of planning and construction. Our team is able to handle all of these hurdles with expertise, ensuring that the end result is a beautiful laneway home that is soundly built and smoothly integrated with the surrounding buildings and community.

In the past decade, laneway homes have become a popular new type of development within the Vancouver region. This is due to them being a great solution for areas with high population densities. As experienced contractors of laneway homes, we know just how to create top-of-the-line residences that have all of the luxuries and amenities of traditional housing. Whether it’s the construction of a single laneway property, or the development of many, our team can take it on.

Laneway homes provide new options for multi-dwelling zones, maximizing the utilization of land space while still keeping structures limited to single-family homes. This maintains a traditional neighborhood feeling and aesthetic, while providing modern solutions for more urbanizing areas. We can build upon the usual backyard lots, or other plots of land suitable for these types of structures. Because laneway homes are typically placed within small confines, it is important that building contractors know how to build in this environment.