Our Price Match Guarantee


What Motivates Us

We understand that the renovation industry isn’t always easy to navigate. It concerns us that many homeowners feel intimidated by all the bad-apple contractor stories they’ve heard, and the size of the investment they’re about to make into their home.

We remove the guesswork and doubt through our price match guarantee. For years now, we’ve relied on the reputation we’ve developed for being trustworthy contractors through quality work and enthusiastic references.

Now though, you can also take advantage of our services at the most competitive prices. You still get the great work we’re known for, just at the best prices available.  

Because of our commitment to our customers, we keep our prices as competitive as we possibly can, and our rates are typically among the best in town. However, if we’re outbid for a renovation, it’s our pleasure to match the price on the same scope of work.


Using Our Guarantee

Now, we can’t promise to match just any price. There are plenty of contractors out there who use materials far below our standards, and we won’t build renovations with materials that may give in a couple years down the road. We promise to match the prices of anyone who advertises the same level of craftsmanship and materials for the same scope of work.

All you need to get started is a quote. You can take a quote from us today, or show us an itemized quote that was given to you by one of our competitors. We’ll need just a couple days to assess the quote and verify that the materials and services listed are consistent with what we offer. If we can’t accept a price match because of quality, we’ll be able to point out exactly where corners are being cut or questionable choices are being made.

Then, we can provide you with our own detailed quote which you can use to compare.

We do find that many of our competitors are not qualified at the same level, or that they do not use materials that meet our standards. It should go without saying that they need to be accredited, and they should also be members in good standing with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) as well as qualified RenoMark™ Renovators.

Even if we can’t price match, we’ll tell you what we can do for you, and offer you the lowest price possible for the quality we can deliver.

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In All Things, We Deliver Quality

It’s well understood in the contracting business that using discounted materials or appliances is a great way to mark down a quote and still make a profit. We think that’s wrong, and we don’t do it.

Instead, we save our customers money the old fashioned way—by working efficiently and developing great long-term relationships with our suppliers. The outline we provide for you will have all of the costs listed in detail. Once the job starts, the price is fixed. You won’t be approached for hidden fees or additional charges for things you didn’t request. You’ll be completely informed of all expenses throughout the renovation.

Before work starts, you’ll receive an itemized project quote that allows you to compare our offer with the offers you’ve picked up from other competitors. We think you’ll find that our team is the one that always offers the best value.

We are one of the top contracting teams in all of Canada, and our work has been winning accolades and titles almost since we have been in business. More than any other contractors, we can take advantage of industry connections, strong business relationships and an expert understanding of the supply market to deliver luxury for less.


Terms & Conditions +

It is not permitted to combine the Vancouver General Contractors Price Match Guarantee with any other promotions or special deals. Damaged, discontinued, showroom, or second hand materials may not be used in Price Match projects.  VGC may alter the Price Match Guarantee at any time. VGC may also freely discontinue its availability at any time. In both circumstances, VGC may apply these changes and revocations to any person, without prior notice or liability to either party.

In order for a quote to be eligible for our Price Match Guarantee, it must meet the following requirements:
• Quoted renovation project must be identical: the same quality, services, material standards, scope, and deadlines as what is proposed to VGC.
• Competitors must be members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and are a recognized RenoMark™ Renovators.
• The requested price match must be for the total quote, not for the price of each item and service listed within the quote.

VGC may revoke the Price Match Guarantee in the following circumstances:
• Required information is withheld or the full scope of the renovation is not disclosed.
• Competitor’s quote does not provide all details of the project and its costs.
• Competitor’s cannot be verified by Vancouver General Contractors, and/or there is reasonable cause to believe that the quote is forged.
• Material, service, and design specifications by competitor are proven to be of lower quality than our quote.