Design 101 Series: Make a Small Room Look Huge

We can’t always get everything we want. We may find the perfect house in the perfect location, but not every room is perfect. Sometimes rooms are snug. Cozy. Old-world. In other words, small. A small room doesn’t have to be relegated to empty space or some half-used, half-decorated nook. With just a bit of planning and ingenuity – and a modicum of design advice – a small room can go from squashed to splendid.

Make Your Small Room Big With These Design Tricks


If you’re trying to fit a big design into a small space, consider these tips:

1. Make the Pieces Work.

In fact, make them do double- or even triple-duty. Instead of a coffee table, use a storage ottoman or a small chest with a tray on top – and blankets stored inside.

2. Eliminate the Additional.

You need to be selective when using space in a confined area. Your multi-hued collection of Murano glass might look glorious in a large room, but a big collection can be just too much for a small room. Design experts suggest that you keep the clutter to a minimum – and this includes cluttery decoration.

Does this mean your space should clean to the point of asepticism? No. Just be aware that your use of colour – or your use of many colors – will be magnified in a small room. What is cute and eclectic in a big space can be unorganized and overwhelming in a small one.

3. Bring in Light.

Light seems to counteract that claustrophobic feeling. Make the most of your windows. Opt for sheer or light-coloured curtains, or leave the curtains out altogether. While you don’t have to stick with a whiter shade of pale on the walls, consider a monochromatic look that lightens as you go toward the ceiling. And learn to love mirrors – they give the illusion of doubling space and light in a small area.

4. Pay Attention to Your Furniture.

Can you bring a large piece, say a regal sofa, into a small room? Sure. Just don’t crowd it with end tables and other sidekicks, and match it to your colour scheme. If a statement piece is not in your budget, than try to scale your furniture to your room’s size. Instead of a sofa, a loveseat, two oversized armchairs, and a brace of tables, can you be happy with one loveseat and two small armchairs? Oversized furniture in a small room usually says overstuffed, not inviting.

Rooms don’t have to be large to accommodate your style – or your comfort. With some imagination, you can make a small room feel positively airy.
Are these tips helpful? Good luck with your renovations!!

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