Perk Up Your Home with Provide Decor

As a company with firm roots in the city, we proudly support other businesses that love home design as much as we do. Provide is definitely one of those brands, with innovative designs that are constantly making Vancouver a more stylish place to live. Our designers love the bold, unconventional look of their products, and find them very inspiring for accenting and crafting modern spaces.
Provide has decor for every room in your home, making it easy for you to develop a cohesive style. From minimalistic sculptures to richly embroidered textiles, its easy to find something fit for every unique aesthetic.
Accessories aren’t the only items in Provide’s inventory. Their vast catalog also includes statement furniture pieces, such as illuminated seating, tree trunk tables, and wireframe ottomans that could serve as a demonstration of the beauties of geometry.
Provide is located on Beatty Street, not far from BC Place. Pop in any day to find pieces that will motivate you to makeover your entire home!
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