Bathroom Renovations

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The bathroom is one of the truly essential rooms of a home. It should be an inviting, relaxing and peaceful space. There are many elements that go into making a bathroom comfortable, everything from the lighting and visual appearance to the quality of the appliances. If you are questioning your experience in the bathroom, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

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Bathroom Renovations include but not limited to

  • Bathroom planning and Blueprints
  • New Sinks, faucets & storage-saving Cabinets
  • New Flooring—Tile, marble, moisture-resistant wood and more
  • Customized lighting for your bathroom or vanity
  • Shower/Appliance installations
  • Dual sink installation 
  • Heated floors with adjustable temperatures for the cold winters
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Why us for your Bathroom Renovation?

As the first room you visit when you stumble out of your warm blankets in the morning, the bathroom can have a powerful effect on your morning. Let us build you a bathroom that will make you feel energized when you enter and exit it in the morning.

We’re the ideal team to plan and build your next renovation. We can turn an uninviting bathroom into a glowing and luxurious looking space. Renovations of any scale can be handled by our expert team, so call us if you want to makeover your bathroom. Call us if you want a design consultation.

How our Designers can make your bathroom more appealing?

Our team of designers can help you work through all of your choices, and even help you make up your mind by producing 3D renders of how the completed project will appear. Our designers can also take you through all the biggest trends and innovations that are currently being used in bathrooms today.

If you’ve been holding off your bathroom renovation because you’re worried about the price, please don’t! You should take advantage of our free consultation. We’ve built some amazing bathrooms at very affordable prices, and we can adjust our designs to fit any sort of budget.

Every decision that needs to be made can have a huge impact on things like cost and timeline. That’s why our designers take the time to go through every decision with you and explain any possible consequences. We’ll guide you through the whole process, preserving your vision for your bathroom. We will also manage and overcome any problems or obstacles that arise.

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The Process

We simplify your home renovations in just 3 steps


Based on your renovation ideas and budget, we’ll create a concept design and a 3D render of your future home. you’ll also get a detailed quote for your project.


With the assistance of our Interiors Designers, let’s select the materials that will complete your desired aesthetic as well as a timeline. We’ll handle all permit applications and documentation.


Just sit back, relax, and see our experts bring your dream vision to life through our Online Monitoring Platform. Our project manager will update you every step of the way.

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Planning a renovation?

Get a free no-obligation quote for your renovation in seconds.

Planning a renovation?

Get a free no-obligation quote for your renovation in seconds.